Yes, you are.

When you ride a bike, you’re a cyborg.

Your body becomes one with a piece of technology that enhances your movement from place to place.

When you wear eyeglasses, you’re a cyborg.

Your body is one with technology that enhances your vision. Under some, or maybe all, circumstances, you are reliant on this interaction between your body and this technology.

If you have something like an electric pacemaker to regulate your heart’s beating, or an insulin pump to regulate your system’s blood sugar, you’re a cyborg.

In this sense, technology enables you to live, and you are reliant on technology for your physical well being and survival. You are inseparable from this technology. This technology is an intimate part of your biological system.

You’re using a computer right now!!!1!11!
You are fusing your consciousness with this machine, with my website, my words!

So yes, you are. Yes you are a cyborg!