Written Work 4 Accessibility :)


I strongly encourage you to visit my site [www.whatsglitch.com]. Your interaction with the site is an integral part of the project itself. 

This site heavily features visual and sonic glitch aesthetics that feature strobing effects and might obscure text. That’s intentional! Interacting with the site can a long time. That’s intentional! You also may not visit every page or be able to read every section. Also intentional! Some aspects of the site might also be broken and frustrating to deal with. You guess it, intentional!

However, I understand these aspects of whatsglitch.com make the site inaccessible for those with certain medical conditions, and potentially for those who may be here to evalutate my project in a timely manner.   

For these reasons of accessibility, I’ve attached below a PDF file below of my written scholarly work. Please note that this PDF is not exhaustive of the written material on the site. However, this document does contain the vast majority of my arguments and of the scholarly sources I cite throughout the site.

Once again, if you can visit www.whatsglitch.com and interact with the site as intended, please do. This is the format in which I intended my scholarly work to be, and every aspect has been carefully crafted to situate my arguments. In many ways, www.whatglitch.com is itself my prime argument.

Thank you!
Eloise :)